Who Am I, Really?

This little blog spot used to be about my passion for drums, but lately I find that my love of music is trivial in the grand scope of the world. It is still important to me, but if I'm going to write about who I am, I am going to write about who I really am and what I stand for.

So with that, welcome to my little meaningless blog. The things I write are how I feel and what I believe in. Some of the posts will offend some people. I will not sugar coat my words. My opinions are mine and I will be exercising my freedom of expression to share them. If you don't like it, don't keep reading.

So, who am I, really? If you are looking for genuine realism and honest thoughts, give it a read. If you think life is all roses and candy canes, you will likely get pissed off here.

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